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  • Flo, 3 Hi-rise condo, All data, voice, CATV, Electronic Access Control, and CCTV, Richmond, BC
  • Suter Brook Village, Multi condo, over 1800 units Data, Voice, CATV, Access Control, and CCTV, Port moody, BC
  • Grand on Oak, 33 town houses, Data, Voice, CATV, Access Control and CCTV, Vancouver, BC
  • Smart Building, 8 story condo, Data, voice, CATV, Access Control and CCTV, Vancouver, BC
  • Float Plane Terminal, Data, Voice, IP TV, IP Access Control, IP mega pixel Camera, Vancouver, BC
  • Market Hill Animal Hospital, Data, Voice, CATV, and CCTV, Vancouver, BC
  • BC Housing (St.James Community Center) different Location: CCTV, Video Intercom, Nurse Calling Systems, Vancouver, BC
  • Lotus Trucking Terminal: CCTV, Voice, Data Communication, Delta, BC

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About Us

Polygom Security Systems

We design, install, monitor and maintain security systems so you can get everything you need from one supplier. We have always been at the forefront of technology, constantly innovating and adapting so you’ll benefit from reliable, cost-effective security that gives real peace of mind.

Our Team Have been installing security systems for many well known companies. Our growing customer bases have always been very pleased with the standard of work and smooth installation.

Polygom Security Systems has been brought to you by, founder and president, Mehrdad Shahhidary. He obtained his security ticket and license through the solicitor general office in Victoria.

As a project manager he has successfully finished the following projects: