Access Control


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Polygom Security Systems specialize in Access Control systems. Our access control system will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure by offering flexible control over who is allowed to enter a given building and when. Using a key tag, Fob or biometrics, individuals will be identified through a reader located by each door, parking gate or elevator.

In this way, Polygom ensures the security and safety of everyone.

Polygom Security Systems offers variety of Intercom systems with cameras allowing residents to view who they are talking to from any TV within the building, computer or smart phone device.

Polygom Security Systems also provides Elevator Access Control system which allows individuals to access certain floors within a scheduled time frame.  The system can control one or more elevator cabs and provides a range of system authority for users. The integrated elevator access control system alongside CCTV cameras permit clients to view any and all activity from users disarming and gaining access to floors in the building.