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Honeywell's LYNX Touch Security System

Polygom Security Systems install and maintain a wide range of alarm systems for both residential and commercial projects, including, hard wire and wireless systems. Polygom will resolve any technical issues, for instance, if the phone lines are unavailable. The system comes with a GSM cellular system which connects to a monitoring station.

Furthermore, Polygom has a third party 24/7 monitoring service in place to provide our clients with the utmost comfort and security.

Polygom Security Systems offers a new vision, perspective, and outlook for security.  Polygom Security Systems  and Video Fied together mark a real turning point within the alarm systems market.

Video Fied:

  • Immediate installation without wires or power
  • Video of triggered alarm sent through the cellular network
  • Affordable, portable, time-efficient

The Video Fied system guarantees peace of mind and places your privacy to be the first and foremost priority.

Totally wireless GPRS cellular network video Security System.

How it works:

  • On detection, the wide-angle camera records a 10 second video
  • The video is sent to the monitoring station
  • The monitoring agents watch the video of the intrusion in real time, eliminating uncertainty!
    • In case of intrusion or real danger, the monitoring station calls the police.

Burglar Alarm

Polygom Security Systems is here to serve you!
Provide us the space and we will ensure it is secure!

Video Fied protects everything, everywhere, at any time.

These systems can be applied to a wide range of areas, including:

  • Home , business, copper theft, fuel tank, relay towers, electrical transfers, air conditioning units, construction site, parking lots, car lots, marinas, motor homes, etc.

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